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Ian Van Dahl - Will I __FULL__

Whether you're a dance music producer, rockstar or business owner, not applying for and registering your brand is always a risk. Yes, it might be fine. Yes, nobody else may be bothered trying. But maybe, 16 years after you spend 2 weeks at number one in the charts in Scotland, your former singer will apply for a trademark for a name you say is yours and some sarcastic IP lawyer in Dublin will write a blog post about it. Is that a chance you want to take?? WELL IS IT??

Ian Van Dahl - Will I

Reef Rhythms at the Westin Dragonara Reef Club, in conjunction with Heineken, will be hosting popular act Ian Van Dahl in concert on Wednesday, featuring talented Annemie as vocalist as well as a group of dancers.

Entrance will be free for ladies all night and men will be charged only Lm1 including a free Heineken after 10 p.m. Special prizes will be given out during the night including CDs autographed by Ian Van Dahl. 041b061a72

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