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Using ScriptGenerator.cs as a reference, create a class that will contain the entry point for exporting scripts. This class must have the UnrealHeaderTool attribute and the static method must have the UhtExporter attribute.


Using the new system, actors now have methods that register subobjects to a list on the owning Actor or Actor Component, with the replication of these registered subobjects handled automatically by the actor channel. This process offers greater control over when and where subobjects are replicated.

Cleaned up D3D12 SRV and UAV implementations. Primarily renaming the "Initialize" methods to be more verbose about when they're called in relation to when the view is created. This allows us to identify when a CreateView call is for a newly-allocated descriptor or one that's been around for a while. Stubs added for deferred updates to bindless descriptors, not implemented yet. Unified a few RHI commands in RHICreateShaderResourceView to use a single command. Removed FD3D12ShaderResourceViewWithLocation and FD3D12UnorderedAccessViewWithLocation since they're no longer used.

Shell integration allows VS Code's terminal to understand more of what's going on inside the shell in order to enable more features. One of the goals with shell integration was for it to work with zero configuration required. This was achieved by automatically "injecting" the shell integration script into the shell session via shell arguments and/or environment variables when the setting is enabled. There are some cases where this does not work such as in sub-shells or some complex shell setups, but we also have a manual install route for those more advanced cases.

In the example from the previous section, you executed an ad hoc command in the console. Realistically, you would execute a script that is stored in an access-controlled source code control repository and incorporate this capability into your existing support workflow framework to track requests, approvals, and rejections. Using the AWS CLI, AWS APIs, and AWS SDKs, you can also automate the use of Systems Manager to be used without manual intervention.

Script Task:Error: There was an exception while loading Script Task from XML: System.Exception: The Script Task ""ST_a1ad9dc5972c42b68c12a13155f10b6d"" uses version 15.0 script that is not supported in this release of Integration Services. To run the package, use the Script Task to create a new VSTA script. In most cases, scripts are converted automatically to use a supported version, when you open a SQL Server Integration Services package in %SQL_PRODUCT_SHORT_NAME% Integration Services. at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.ScriptTask.ScriptTask.LoadFromXML(XmlElement elemProj, IDTSInfoEvents events)"

When you change a single automation or script via the editors in the userinterface (or reload your YAML-based ones), they all get reloaded. Thismeans if they are running, waiting for something (a delay, an event, or for anentity to be in a certain state for X time), they would all be reset.

  • QLC+ 4.10.4 is a bugfix release that aims to resolve a few issues and regressions reported by users during the last months. As usual though, this version brings also important news regarding specific areas: I have introduced a real pause state of QLC+ Functions. This state can be accessed from Virtual Console Cue Lists and from the Show Manager. A Cue List now has 2 separate buttons for playback: Play/Pause and Stop. When pausing, lights will stay on, and "frozen" exactly where they were, even during a fade in transition. This breaks backward compatibility with external control mapping, cause now you have to map 2 different controls, so you are strongly invited to review your project if you intend to use this version. On the other hand I hope the benefit is clear: this distinction gives maximum flexibility of control of a Cue List/Chaser playback, especially for theatre usage cases.

  • With the LED color feedback in mind, I finally implemented global custom feedbacks that can be defined just once in an input profile. They can always be overridden from every VC widget, like before.

  • Again, for flexibility, I decided to split MIDI beat clock start and stop events, so if you're using such feature, please double check your project.

  • Now a few deployment updates: Every Linux build now includes the OLA plugin, but OLA is not a hard dependency of the package. The plugin will be listed in the IO manager only if OLA is actually installed in the system.

  • Windows builds now include Qt 5.6.0 built by me, without ICU libraries. The final package size has been reduced by 700Kb.

  • Mac OSX bundles include Qt 5.6.0 as well, the vanilla version

  • The Raspberry Pi image has been ported to Debian Jessie ! This is a huge step forward and the boot time is lighting fast: 12 seconds on a Raspberry Pi 3 ! Notification emails will be sent later today.

  • Changelog: Scripts: Fix 4.10.3a regression that breaks values parsing (David Garyga)

  • Engine: fix relative paths when opening a project from the command line

  • Engine: improved the start/stop mechanism of Functions within a Show

  • Chaser Editor: a newly created step is now selected automatically

  • Scene Editor: fixed the tab order of the fixtures

  • Show Manager: added the possibility to pause a Show leaving the lights on

  • Show Manager/Audio: allow to display the waveform preview while playing a file

  • UI/Function Selection: fix crash on workspaces where a scene ID is bigger than its sequence ID (David Garyga)

  • UI/Video: fixed the fullscreen positioning on Windows

  • Virtual Console/Animation: fix behavior issue when changing the associated function (David Garyga)

  • Virtual Console/Frames: send feedbacks for the enable button

  • Virtual Console/Frames: fix 4.10.3 regression causing frames to resize after configuration

  • Virtual Console/Cue List: playback can now be paused and resumed (see documentation)

  • Virtual Console/Cue List: added a dedicated stop button, with external controls

  • Virtual Console/XYPad: fixed computation of reversed fixture position (Luca Ugolini)

  • Plugins/OSC: fixed regression of receiving data from the wrong interface (David Garyga)

  • Plugins/OSC: fixed regression causing not receiving data anymore when changing the input profile (David Garyga)

  • Plugins/MIDI: distinguish MIDI beat clock start and stop (see documentation)

  • Input Profiles Editor: it is now possible to define button custom feedbacks in a profile (see documentation)

  • New input profile: Novation Launchpad Pro (thanks to David Giardi)

  • New RGB script: Balls (color) (thanks to Rob Nieuwenhuizen)

  • Fixture updated: Starway MaxKolor-18 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo and Robert Box)

  • Fixture updated: Cameo LED RGBW PAR64 18x8W (thanks to Lukas)

  • New fixture: American DJ Mega QA Par38 (thanks to Nathan Durnan)

  • New fixture: Martin MAC 250 Wash (thanks to Robert Box)

  • New fixture: Luxibel LX161 (thanks to Freddy Hoogstoel)

  • New fixture: Stairville MH-X60th LED Spot (thanks to Jasper Zevering)

  • New fixture: Cameo CLHB400RGBW (thanks to Mihai Andrei)

  • New fixture: Showlite Flood Light Panel 144x10mm LED RGBW (thanks to Ex)

  • New fixture: Color Imagination LedSpot 90 (SI-052), Robe Spot 575 XT (thanks to DJ Ladonin)

  • New fixture: Chauvet Mini Kinta (thanks to Jonathan Wilson)

  • New fixture: Eurolite LED ML-56 QCL RGBW-RGBA 18x8W (thanks to Matthijs ten Berge)

  • New fixture: High End Systems TechnoSpot (thanks to Tom Moeller)

  • New fixtures: American DJ Inno Pocket Spot Twins, Fog Fury 3000 WiFly, Event Bar Pro (thanks to MaBonzo)

  • New fixtures: American DJ Galaxian Gem IR, Vizi Roller Beam 2R (thanks to MaBonzo)

  • New fixture: Ayra ERO 506 (thanks to Bert Heikamp)

  • New fixture: Ayrton Arcaline 100 RGB, Martin Magnum Hazer (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)

  • New fixtures: American DJ Asteroid 1200, Eurolite GKF-60, Eurolite LED FE-700 (thanks to Flox Garden)

  • New fixtures: Antari X-310 Pro Fazer, lightmaXX CLS-2 (thanks to Flox Garden)

  • New fixture: Beamz MHL90 Wash 5x18W RGBAW-UV (thanks to Hans Erik Tjelum)

  • New fixture: PR Lighting Pilot 150 (thanks to David Read)

  • New fixture: lightmaXX Platinum CLS-1 (thanks to Marc Geonet)


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