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FireFighting The Squad Simulator

Issuing commands to the team is also wildly inconsistent, and at times downright frustrating. At times, I sent a teammate directly into a raging fire, when what I really wanted them to do was spray water on the fire instead. In other words, controlling the AI is wonky and unreliable. For these reasons, teaming up with other humans is definitely the preferred option, in an effort to up the IQ of your squad. I was able to get in one multiplayer session (of only two in the entire world, apparently) by manually selecting it from a global list. Playing with another person was infinitely more enjoyable, as it was nice having the far more capable help for a change, but the player pool seems low.

FireFighting The Squad Simulator

In Firefighting Simulator - The Squad, take on the battle against the flames alone or in multiplayer with up to 3 other virtual firefighters. In more than 40 varied missions, the virtual firefighters must scan the locations, assess the hazardous situation, and coordinate their own squad. The scenarios include forest fire, aircraft fire or fires in residential and industrial buildings with different fire sources.

Firefighting Simulator - The Squad lets you experience what it means to fight fires up close as an active part of a major US city's firefighting team. Now also available on PlayStation5, PlayStation4 and Xbox Series XS.

So, how does it work? In Firefighting Simulator - The Squad, you can either play solo with up to three other players online to fight fires as part of a "major US city's firefighting team". There are apparently more than 30 "varied missions" on offer, along with authentic firefighter equipment and officially licensed firefighting vehicles. In terms of gameplay, it even boasts that it offers an "advanced fire simulation and physics system".

"Firefighting Simulator lets you experience what it means to fight fires up close as an active part of a major US city's firefighting team. Discover over 30 diverse deployment locations and complete exciting missions that span a 15k acres large townscape inspired by the North American Westcoast."

Also at your disposal is authentic firefighting gear such as helmets, firefighter boots, and a breathing apparatus model by well-known North American firefighting equipment manufacturers.Fire alert incoming!! What are you waiting for? Every minute counts! Pull on your boots, start the engine of your fire truck, turn on the lights and siren, and take the shortest route to the deployment location to fight the fire and save lives.

In single player mode, you will experience up close what it means to fight fires in a major US city as the leader of an experienced firefighting team. Thanks to the intuitive command UI, you take control of assigning tasks to your AI colleagues and jump right into the thick of the action yourself.

2020 astragon Entertainment GmbH and Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware UG. Published and distributed by astragon Entertainment GmbH. Firefighting Simulator, astragon, astragon Entertainment and its logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of astragon Entertainment GmbH. Manufactured under license of Rosenbauer America, LLC, Leatherhead Tools, Wheeled Coach Industries and HAIX-Schuhe Produktions- u. Vertriebs GmbH. The MSA firefighting product images and the MSA marks are used with permission of MSA - The Safety Company. Unreal, Unreal Engine, the circle-U logo and the Powered by Unreal Engine logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere. All other names, trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners. All intellectual property relating to the rescue and firefighting vehicles, equipment, and associated brands and imagery therefore (including trademarks and/or copyrighted materials) featured in the game are the property of their respective companies. The firefighting and rescue products in this game may be different from the actual products in shapes, colours and performance. All rights reserved.

Firefighting Simulator lets you experience what it means to fight fires up close as an active part of a major US city's firefighting crew - together with up to 3 friends in the co-op multiplayer - or in the single player mode.

So, on my second proper firefighting mission, I decided to see how much hose I could stretch out. The fire was in a residential neighborhood, and after driving the fire truck all the way there, I hooked up my first hose. Instead of using it to put out the fire, I just ran around in circles in the street.

I was doing pretty well when the mission abruptly told me I'd failed, because this simulator is apparently a stickler about houses burning out of control while helpless victims are trapped inside and firemen fuck around in the street instead of helping. This isn't an open world game but a mission-based one, so failing a mission kicks you right back to the menu.

When I arrived, I directed my AI squadmates (you can play co-op with real people, too) to start fighting the fire while I attempted to rescue the three occupants of the house. I smashed open windows and doors with an axe and carried them out. Two of them I delivered to the paramedic, but I dropped the last unconscious victim in the street a few feet away from the ambulance.

With the yard beginning to fill, I begin climbing on the roof of the house and jumping off, which makes the hose look like a weird sculpture frozen in midair. The fall injures me but I quickly regain my health, just like a real firefighter, and can make another jump a moment later. My AI crew only won't stupidly jump off ledges like I do, so they're not threading their hoses around as much as I am, but I still appreciate their efforts. Good job, squad!

What makes the game stand out compared to other similar titles is the amount of realism the game has. The players drive and operate Rosenbauer America firetrucks and have a wide variety of real firefighting tools at their disposal. The game also uses realistic fire physics and includes factors such as backdrafts and flashovers as well as different causes of fires such as grease fires, explosions, and accidents with matches or lighters. The game also has realistic physics for the destruction caused by spreading fires. 041b061a72

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