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With all the amenities of a larger motorcoach, the small Class B RV is the traditional choice for someone looking for a small motorhome, perfect for those planning to maneuver a getaway without the hassle of hotel reservations on the fly. Weekend travelers love the fuel efficiency, maneuverable size, and interior comfort of a Class B RV.

buy used small rv

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Class B RVs are the smallest and most convenient type of recreational vehicle, with a size that usually ranges from 18 to 24 feet long. Typical Class B RVs sleep two to four people and have feature floorplans. Often called a sprinter or campervan, the Class B RV is a quick, agile, and efficient way to get in and out of town. You can even park this type of compact RV in your driveway or many garages.

The 2023 Antero Bamaga and 2023 Antero Kakadu have yet to be released, but that doesn't stop these campervans from making the 'best of' list as we evaluate the best small RVs to roll into the New Year with. The 2022 Antero Bamaga and the 2022 Antero Kakadu have maximized the use of space through intelligent, versatile features. Keep your eye out for the 2023 Antero Bamaga and 2023 Antero Kakadu, which are coming soon!

Modern RVs are plenty comfortable for all but the most discerning travelers. Fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms are standard. Even our small rig has hot and cold running water, gas heat, and air conditioning.

But if you already own and need a truck, then a camper you can pull behind makes lots of sense. Another advantage to towing is being able to unhitch and use the truck for local transportation once you reach your destination. (Only the very smallest motorhomes, like our van-based unit, are very practical as local transportation.)

For the larger RVs the chassis is a bare-bones affair and the RV takes shape around it. For the smaller RVs, usually some or most of the chassis body is reused, possibly with some extensions or cutouts.

The upstart RV chassis is the diesel Mercedes Sprinter, the second generation of which made its debut in early 2007. Its tall, narrow profile is a common sight in commercial cargo operations these days, and the Sprinter is rapidly gaining ground in the RV industry as well. (We probably would have bought a Sprinter-based RV, except that there were virtually no used ones available when we purchased years ago.)

Now that the world is focused on the cost and availability of energy, and compact RVs are here to stay, the other mainstream manufacturers are jumping on the wagon and offering their own Class B and related models. Winnebago has its Era and View lines, among others, for example, which may be a bit larger than the typical offerings from the Canadians.

An inverter is an electronic device that converts 12 volt DC power to the 110 volt AC power used by household appliances. Most RVs come with one behind the scenes. Make sure yours does, and exposes some receptacles you can use.

When buying any used or old RV, you should plan and budget for a few repairs and maintenance items immediately to get the RV road-ready. This may be things like cleaning, tank maintenance, or new tires.

Water from rain and melting snow typically find its way into an old RV through a small tear in the roof membrane along seams, near exterior mounted appliances and vents like the AC or the fridge vent, and around windows.

Insuring a used RV is similar to insuring a new RV or your regular vehicle unless your RV is old enough to be considered vintage. There are different types of insurance you can get for your RV besides standard liability coverage.

RVs come in different shapes and sizes, from uber-expensive and luxurious Class A motorhomes to camper vans and affordable compact travel trailers. Small RVs offer a more efficient and nimbler RV experience you wouldn't get in the large coach-built recreation vehicles while offering a more car-like driving experience. Some of the smallest camper vans measure about 16 to 22 feet long but still include typical RV amenities like a sleeping area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. If you are looking for trailers or campers for sale, we've got your back with a curated list of the best new small RVs and some from the used RV market.

The Little Guy MyPod is the smallest RV on the market, measuring approximately 7 feet wide and 10 feet long. It lies upon a compact trailer chassis, making it easy to maneuver and park in tight spaces. Its 100% fiberglass molded body results in 840 lbs dry weight and 110 lbs tongue weight making it possible to town with a small car.

Despite its compact dimensions, the MyPod packs many features, like a full-size sleeping area and a screen room tent to expand the footprint. The 2022 model sells for about $14,500 on used RV marketplaces like RVtrader.

Small doesn't always mean cheap. RVs like the 2023 Roadtrek Zion prove that you can pack incredible amounts of luxury in a small package. Roadtrek is a well-known and respected luxury RV brand, and Zion is known for its high-quality construction and comfortable amenities.

The Revel by Winnebago brings the big guns to the small RVs rivalry. Winnebago is a respected brand in the RV industry, and the Revel is their off-road-ready rugged Class B motorhome that tops many class B RV lists.

Sometimes big things come in small packages, including RVs. With tiny living growing in popularity, RV manufacturers have responded to the trend. It might surprise you what all they can pack into a small RV.

Additionally, more people want to be able to fit their RVs into more places, like length-limited national park campgrounds or street parking spots when exploring cities. Large rigs can restrict exploration in some cases, whereas small RVs are nimble and versatile. However, many believe that giving up on size means fewer amenities.

The smallest motorhomes available are Class B motorhomes or campervans. These vans typically measure between 18-24ft long and come on a standard van chassis used across multiple industries for cargo, passengers, and other utility vehicles.

The best small RV for full time living is one that has all the features and amenities that support that lifestyle. After living full-time in an RV for over 7 years, we definitely have our own preferences for what needs to be in a full-time RV. Having a dry bathroom, shower, and full kitchen are important essential features we recommend having for getting clean and cooking at home long-term. Cargo-carrying capacity and quality features like dual-pane windows and 4-season packages can make your full-time travels more comfortable. In small campers, these criteria can limit the field quite a bit and help narrow in on models that might be most suitable.

However, everyone is going to have their own preferences, and we know people who have traveled full-time for years in small RVs with wet baths or without showers on board. Finding the best full-time RV for you takes a little time and research.

With RVing more popular than ever before, many people are in the market for a home-on-wheels that suits their traveling style. But, should you buy a new or a used RV, and why? What are the pros and cons of each, and what should you consider as you shop for a new or a used RV?

You may have seen our post on RV roof leaks and the serious damage that can occur as a result. This is why understanding the condition of the roof of any used RV you may be interested in buying is so important.

Sounds like a great find, Joe. Generally speaking, a late-model, lightly-used (one owner?) rig like that can be a great alternative to new... especially if the new one doesn't have any features/upgrades that you just have to have. Since new RVs depreciate the most in the first 2 or 3 years, a good used one can save you money in the long run. And, if the original owner took care of things and had all the punch list items a new RV inevitably has, you can be spared all that heartache, too.

Do your homework... make sure there's nothing out of whack with the used RV (i.e. all 10,000 miles in the first year and its been sitting still ever since, which will damage the tires, shorten battery lifespan, etc).

All good things to consider when buying an RV. Understandably, no one likes paying money to fix up a used RV, but at the same time, no one likes having to deal with problems associated with buying something new. So what the hell to do?

In the long run, the "items needing fixing" on a new RV takes the win over a used one, especially an older used one. There are just fewer of them. Older rigs not only have the usual share of periodic fixed needed, but age-related problems add to that list considerably. Having a now 18-year-old rig, we can definitely see that keeping up with the niggling details is needed more than when it was newer. Mostly age-related. Of course, a brand new rig is a poor choice from an investment/economic standpoint. That's why in our video we came around to what we feel is the best scenario - a lightly used 1-owner rig. No age-related problems yet, with the kinks from the factory worked out, and the sudden depreciation of a new rig the moment it's driven off the lot already behind it.

That situation is surely the case, Drew. It is indeed a seller's market right now. But personally, we'd risk losing a rig we wanted over risking it having major hidden problems. We have friends who are currently hunting for just the right used rig, and it is a jungle out there. But they're not willing to buy a rig without an inspection. Of course, not everyone feels that way, and we understand both sides on this, what with used rigs going like hotcakes, and "the competition" (other potential buyers) sometimes willing to forego an inspection to speed the sale to avoid losing the deal. But some sellers are willing to work with a dedicated buyer who seems serious (cash doesn't hurt either) and wants to take the time for an inspection. I'd suggest that offering a non-refundable cash deposit (maybe a few hundred dollars?) to hold the rig, with the promise of an expedited inspection appointment, might convince a seller to put others buyers on a waitlist for a few days. 041b061a72

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