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Espresso Cups Buy Online

You can get a set of these personalized porcelain espresso cups and saucer sets as wedding gifts and even housewarming gifts. Everyone loves getting new drinkware, especially for a new home. You can get them personalized for them, or order them blank without any customization. Your friends and family will love getting these personalized espresso sets to use for their everyday drinkware for their coffees and teas.

espresso cups buy online

These high quality blue stoneware cups feature a modern and contemporary design that will freshen up any cafe or coffee shop. Perfect for use in all kinds of businesses from hotels to tea rooms. Their 4oz capacity and small size make them suitable for serving espresso coffee.

Alternatively, if the on-the-move coffee lover in your life is more of an espresso person, get them a smaller mug. The GSI Outdoors Glacier Insulated Doppio Mug has a double wall and a press-fit lid, both of which help keep drinks hot. This mug also comes in several colors, either solid or speckled.

147 sq ft espresso shop in Seattle serving some of the best coffee in the city. Showcasing local roasters and unique drinks. Known for flavor combinations: early grey tea with espresso, chamomile tea with white chocolate & salted lattes and mochas. Excellent ingredients and friendly staff. 041b061a72

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